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Would you like to stay at any and all of the Club Wyndham Resorts with Platinum VIP points discounts & upgrades and enjoy Presidential Reserve booking priority? All this without purchasing a timeshare and incurring the burdens of ownership such as mortgages, maintenance fees and special assessments. Well now you can! Let us show you a better way!

Key features of the WPV membership:

1.Wyndham VIP Platinum 50% discount on points used.
2.Unlimited FREE room upgrades
3.Wyndham Presidential Reserve priority.
4.FREE guest passes.
5.FREE RCI access to book last call and extra vacations.
6.Unlimited house keeping credits.
7.Lifetime membership that can be willed to your heirs.
8.No maintenance fees, special assessments or inactivity fees.
9.Excellent customer service.
10.No upfront fees charged to sell your existing timeshare.


One Time Purchase price for a lifetime membership:


250,000 Annual Platinum Points only $3,500


500,000 Annual Platinum Points only $6,500


1,000,000 Annual Platinum Points only $10,000


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Do you own a Platinum or Presidential Reserve Wyndham ownership? Would you like all or a portion of your maintenance fees paid? Then contact us today!




I found out about WinPoint through an ad by Marc Thomas. I was a little skeptical at first but I got rid of my 485000 Wyndham points and signed up for 500 000 points with WinPoint. Dealing with WinPoint has been easy and very rewarding. I am able to get more weeks for my points. Dealing with winPoint could not be easier or faster. I rate them A++++++!

Bruce  Dureno 



Marc, Reatha & I thank you soooo much for telling us about WinPoint. We have given it a tough test several times (like booking a great ocean front resort in Florida with no more than a months notice at prime time) that's amazing!  Thanks again and God Bless.


Duke & Reatha Warsen



Hi Marc, my family has had amazing vacations through your WinPointVIP program. We have had access to units we would never otherwise be able to rent, through your personalized, remarkably responsive and simple program.  We have already more than recouped our investment and have created memories of a lifetime. It has been a pleasure working with you and Mike Sullivan!  




We first met Marc in 2003 when we purchased a Resale Timeshare in South Africa from him. After enjoying trading the Timeshare through RCI for many places throughout the World we decided last year to look at what he had to offer through WinPoint. We are so happy we traded in our Timeshares and now belong to WinPoint. In January, 2014 we enjoyed 27 nights on the Big Island of Hawaii, and will be enjoying 14 nights in November in Fort Lauderdale and then 29 nights in January, 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai. All this is possible through our WinPoint membership and the great news is that there is no maintenance fees each year. You do not pay anything unless you use your points each year.


For anyone who loves to travel and is looking for a great deal, we highly recommend you contact Marc. He is great professional person to deal with and will look at what is best for you without any high pressure sales.


Cam and Wendy Ross 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


The WinPointVIP program is perfect for those who enjoy Wyndham Vacation Resort properties but no longer wish to be burdened by the on-going maintenance fees. It is easy to book your favorite resorts through Mike Sullivan at WinPointVIP and get as good, or better, vacation rentals that with your own Wyndham membership. Thanks to Marc Thomas and Michael Sullivan who make this ownership affordable and less expensive than life-long maintenance fees. In the often "shady" world of timeshares, it is good to find people who deliver on promised services.

James L. Williamson
Waco, TX



We love our WinPoint VIP membership. Marc Thomas and Michael Sullivan have been great to work with and are extremely fast at helping us book our vacations. We love it so much, we have another vacation stay, at the Wyndham Grand Desert, in May 2014 and another at Estes Park, Colorado, in August 2014. We like it so much, we are considering raising our membership from 250K points to 500kpoints. We have so many place we want to go to and we may not have enough points to get it done.


Guys, keep up the good work.



Mike and Joan F.



My husband and I were very fortunate to have discovered WinPointVIP, the innovative and exciting program that assists both VIP Wyndham Vacation Owners and those in the market for Wyndham points without purchasing an actual timeshare, and also the opportunity to work with sales representative Marc Thomas who expertly and painlessly guided us every step of the way. 


Debbie Collins



"Marc, Thank you for introducing me to the WinPoint VIP program!  This has been an amazing program and would recommend this without reservation to anyone!  Being a conservative person with lots of questions, I really appreciate your patience and professionalism and the time you took to explain all the details to me.  It has been 15 months since we purchased our membership and we have just about paid for our membership with the savings we have had traveling with this program.  Looking forward to more traveling adventures with all that the WinPoint VIP program has to offer!


Kevin Brinkmann" 




I bought into the WinPoint VIP program about one year ago and I have had nothing but excellent and pure satisfaction in using the points system. The ease of use is unparalleled so far, as soon as you call or email for an exchange, the administrator goes to work immediately on your request and wont non stop until you get what you want and/or satisfied with the alternative. The administrative fees are very reasonable and the points though not bankable are automatically replenished on its anniversary. You get all the benefits of a regular timeshare without having to pay the annual timeshare maintenance fees and taxes. I strongly recommend the WinPoint VIP program. The cost of the WinPoint VIP Program is paid for within two or three years by what it will cost to pay on the average for a timeshare maintenance fees and taxes. In other words the WinPoint VIP Program is the latest and the best so far and I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Remi Ajayi, M.D


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